29 Apr 2007 You never know who is listening to the radio. During last Friday's Ernie Sigley program on 3AW during the Friday lunch segment the topic got onto the Smiley movies from the 1950's. Out of the blue a talkback caller named Margaret rang in. Margaret just happened to be veteran actress Margaret Christensen who played Smiley's mother, Ma Greevins,  in the two movies.

29 Apr 2007 Who is the well known Perth radio newsreader moonlighting doing the late night sex/chat ads reads on TV?

28 Apr 2007 With Rabbit and Amber now filling her former spot as co -host of SA FM breakfast Milly, aka Lisa Millard, has joined Triple M's Paul Murray program.

28 Apr 2007 Last heard at 2CH, Ray Kington has been heard on FM103.2 Sydney middawns recently.

28 Apr 2007 Kevin John covered Saturday morning on Magic 1278 today.

28 Apr 2007 On Friday B105 breakfast co-host Camilla Severi announced to the world, more so her listening audience, she is expecting a baby in November.

28 Apr 2007 Long-time breakfast announcer is set to end his most recent gig in the next copule of weeks prompting a move to an afternoon shift. More to come on this one.  
26 Apr 2007 Steve Curtis is filling in for Ward Everaardt for 2 weeks on Magic 1278 [from Monday 30th]

 26 Apr 2007 Jane Holmes has quit 3MP to move to 3AW to replace the retiring Rosemary Margan who did live reads on Neil Mitchell's program. See below
25 Apr 2007 Who may be once again gracing the doorstep of the radio station of where their career begun in Melbourne in the 1980's?

25 Apr 2007 Nova drive co-presenter Kate Ritchie is set to join Grant Denyer as co-host of the new series of It Takes Two.

25 Apr 2007 Just what was discussed between John Laws and Kevin Rudd as they lunched together at a Woolloomooloo restaurant yesterday? Can we expect John Howard and Laws to catch up in a similar fashion soon, if so what will the topic be, retirement perhaps?

24 Apr 2007 More movement at K-Rock Geelong with Josh Batters making the the move to Sun FM Alice Springs. Josh will present the Hot 30 countdown as well as cover Mornings from 10 until 2.00pm.

18 Apr 2007 Power FM / 5MU Program Director Stuart Endersby has landed the role of PD at Adelaide's MIX 1O2.3. MIX had searched far and wide across Australia and New Zealand finally settling on the Murray Bridge based Endersby.

17 Apr 2007  Dan Veling has resigned from his role as MD at Geelong's K Rock. On May 9 Dan jets off to live in the UK.

16 Apr 2007 While ABC 774 breakfast presenter Red Symons enjoys a week off the slot is being covered by drive presenter Lindy Burns and former MIX 101.1 breakfast presenter Lawrence Mooney.

16 Apr With WS FM's Jono Coleman away from the mic for a few days this week Andrew O'Keefe co-hosted The Jonathan Coleman Experience today. Andrew presented the program with regular co-host Julia Zemiro.

12 Apr 2007 Is Ernie Sigley serious? Word suggests he is after extra dosh to be seen on the recently installed Southern Cross webcam!

11 Apr  2007 Neil Mitchell clocks up 20 years at 3AW this week. The morning presenter who took over from Murray Nichol in that slot first joined the station doing drive although if the memory bank serves us correctly their were brief stints on weekend breakfast first.

10 Apr 2007 With FOX FM's Jo Stanely set to be part of the latest series of Channel 7's It Takes Two could her FOX co-host Matt Tilley be about to take to the TV screens with a revamped version of Channel 9's Surprise Surprise?27 Mar 2007 Survey 2 of the radio ratings have been released. Check the links below.

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