3NE breaky announcer Paul Konik encountered a huge surprise when entering the studio for his regular shift on October 14

The popular announcer was showered with confetti upon entering a refurbished studio that had been fitted with a brand new panel and desk. To add to the festivities, the studio had been adorned with streamers and balloons.

Paul had previously been assured the studio wouldn't be ready until a later date, but devious minds were plotting and planning!

The new panel, nicknamed 'Bob the Mixer', had been planted with dummy commercials, which in reality went to air and played an introductory message from the panel, voiced by 'Bob the Mixer'. Bob also introduced other members of the panel team whilst laying down the new studio rules.

Staggeringly, these rules included no coffee in the on air studio! To conclude the message, 'Bob' introduced the panel's favourite song which co-incidentally just happened to be the technician's all time favourite song......hmmmm!

A novel way to christen a new panel, but all taken in good fun by Paul, who was simply elated with the new surrounds.