Advertising revenue at metropolitan commercial radio stations has fallen by around three per cent (-3.28%) to $633 million during the 12 months to the end of June 2009, according to figures released today by Commercial Radio Australia.

According to the 2009 Metropolitan Commercial Radio Advertising Revenue as sourced by Deloitte, advertising revenue in the five metropolitan markets for the 09 financial year show Sydney suffered from the strongest decline. The figures show the Sydney market fell by -9.44% to $198 million followed by Adelaide (down 3.44 percent to $59.9 million), Brisbane (down 2.43 percent to $101.9 million), Melbourne (up 1.68 percent to $189 million); and followed by Perth (up 0.93% to $83.8million).

Chief executive officer of Commercial Radio Australia, Joan Warner said the latest figures show that radio has survived the global economic crisis better than many other media and remains a great advertising medium in tough economic times.

“The industry is working hard to promote its strengths, particularly in these tough economic times. The latest advertising campaign called, “Radio Advertising, Economically Sound”, highlights the need to trade through the economic crisis and advertise on radio and is part of our ongoing, multi million dollar brand campaign,” Ms Warner said.

“The switch-on of digital radio over the past few months in the five capitals around Australia should also help in attracting new advertising opportunities in future years.”

Ms Warner said the Australian radio industry was strong and robust and was travelling well compared to major overseas markets, like the UK and USA, which have experienced large falls in advertising revenue.

2008 figures for radio advertising revenue in the UK show a fall of about six per cent with a final quarter drop of 14.5%* and in the US, radio ad revenue fell by nine per cent, and 14 per cent in the last quarter.* In Australia, radio ad revenue grew by 0.7%* and for the last quarter in metropolitan markets, fell by about six per cent.*

Ms Warner also said the radio industry was also travelling well in comparison to other traditional media in Australia with some analysts predicting that free to air TV and newspapers would fall far more significantly in generating ad revenue compared to radio in 2009.