NORTH East radio station 3NE/Edge FM has apologised for a broadcast on Tuesday afternoon that led to complaints from listeners about the use of bad language.
North East Broadcasters’ general manager, Colin Dayman, said technical and human error combined, with presenter Pat Gurry being unaware his comments were going to air after 4pm.

Mr Dayman said at the same time Mr Gurry had been chasing an elusive blowfly in the studio, an electrical switch failed.

He said the station had received 20 to 30 calls related to the matter.

“Half the calls were people wanting to know what happened to the blowfly while the other half were complaining about the language,” he said.

“We have apologised to those who called and for those who have provided us with their details we will write to them also.”

Mr Dayman said listeners could make their complaint in writing to him at PO Box 449, Wangaratta, Victoria 3677 and if they were not happy with the result they had the opportunity to take their complaints to the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

“It is a very unfortunate thing which has happened but it is the first time in 16 years for me that something has happened along those lines,” he said.

Mr Dayman said Mr Gurry was “shattered” that the incident had happened.

“He has been appropriately counselled regarding the use of that kind of language in the studio,” he said.