Further to this item we ran a few days ago, it seems there is plenty more to come to light on this story. The person under investigation seems to have gone from living the high life to from all reports being in financial hot water.

Coffs Harbour youth radio station 2CHY has called in police to investigate 

fraud by an employee. Detectives in Coffs Harbour say they are investigating a man they suspect of embezzling a significant amount of the non-profit station’s working capital. He has left Coffs Harbour and gone interstate. Police say their investigations are continuing. 


At the same time, 2CHY’s board is determined the incident will not be the 

death-knell for the station which has been on the air since the early 1970s. 

The board is working with a number institutions in the city to formulate a 

recovery plan and it says there are no plans to shut down operations