The Australian Communications and Media Authority has found that Deepwater & Districts Community FM Radio Inc, the licensee of 2CBD Deepwater, breached the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 by broadcasting advertisements.

On 30 June 2006, ACMA received a complaint that community radio station 2CBD had broadcast advertisements on 21 June 2006. ACMA investigated the complaint and found that the licensee was in breach of clause 9(1)(b) of Schedule 2 to the Broadcasting Services Act.

In response to the breach finding the licensee advised ACMA that all presenters had completed a training program conducted by trainers approved by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia, and that training will be ongoing. Further, the licensee advised that it had contacted an experienced Sydney community radio station and is using that station's resources to aid it in the process of an internal audit of its broadcasting procedures and reporting responsibilities to ensure that there is no repeat of the violation'.

The licensee has provided ACMA with copies of announcements broadcast since 20 July 2006. It is noted that that these announcements were all appropriately tagged, in accordance with relevant legislation.

In light of the action taken by the licensee and the fact that this is the first time 2CBD has breached Clause 9(1)(b) of Schedule 2 to the Broadcasting Services Act, no further action is proposed at this stage. However, ACMA will continue to monitor the licensee's compliance with the licence condition.