31 May 2007 The Australian Communications and Media Authority is seeking comment on proposals to vary transmitter sites for three radio services in the Innisfail region of Queensland. The full release can be found here

31 May 2007 The Australian Communications and Media Authority has found that Lambing Flat Community Broadcasting Inc, the licensee of community radio station 2YYY Young, failed to encourage members of the community it serves to participate in the operations and programming of the service.  The full release can be found here

28 May 2007 Is Eddie McGuire interested in more than just a passing interest of a certain radio station and we don't mean calling the Football? Expect more on this over the next week.

27 May 2007 4BC producer Jade Jones returns to the other side of the studio next week. Jade has joined 91.9 Sea FM breakfast.

26 May 2007 Is private equity group Iron Bridge Capital looking at Singos Macquarie radio next?

25 May 2007

25 May 2007 Traffic guru 'Chopper Dave' Andrews of  Brisbane's B105 is recovering from open heart surgery. Dave has had his aortic valve replaced. With rehab he will most likely be back at work inside the next four or so weeks.

24 May 2007 With 3AW's Derryn Hinch rumoured to be battling a further health set back Peter Maher is keeping the seat warm for all of this week at least.

24 May 2007 Who is the serial pest constantly phoning a regional radio station wanting to know various segments of the line-up. What a wonderful thing caller i.d is!

23 May 2007 Has all trace of the website dedicated to the bumblings of a certain afternoon talk announcer vanished. Seek and you shall find! The material really is free flowing so we fully understand the inspiration!

21 May 2007 Which Big Brother 2007 house mate wanna be has already been circled as a possible FM gimmick jock? Please spare us the agony!

21 May 2007 Could Greg Victor be the new  4BH breakfast host replacing Kim Mothershaw?

18 May 2007 Dayle Richardson is the new PD at 5MU/PowerFM. Dayle will continue in his on air role at Powe FM.

18 May 2007 Was that caller  who called the 3AW Rumour file suggesting Eddie McGuire was set to announce he was quitting the top job at Channel 9. leaked the info from indide the 3AW bunker?

18 May 2007 Movement at Fiveaa in the newsroom with Caroline Hillman quitting the station. Caroline has Joined the office of federal MP Kate Ellis  

16 May  2007 Recent fill in with a Perth breakfast team impressed listeners and management alike. Having said that the station is happy with their current team.

15 May 2007 Mike  (ex fm103.2 Sydney)and Amy Rayson's son Sam passed away overnight in the USA due to medical complications after being kicked by a horse.Mike is currently working as a Church Minister in the US.

13 May 2007 Who is the AM " floater" being eyed by an FM er?
12 May 2007 Who is the Sydney based breakfast radio person who is often seen entering and leaving a notorious park in the wee small hours?

11 May 2007 Just how did the new book celebrating  75 years of 3AW make it to a certain popular weekend market so quickly and so cheaply? Priced to sell at a 'hot' price, the shady character off loaded them quicker than 3AK  changed presenters!

08 May 2007 Pint size compere of It Takes Two Grant Denyer  has upset many people today with a comment made during a guest spot on Nova's Merrick and Rosso program. Asked how he felt after partying hard post Logies Denyer replied  "Let me say I'm feeling like I had sex with a black man right now," Aboriginal leader Mick Mundine said he was upset by it and NSW Anti-Discrimination Board president Stephen Kerkyasharian said the comment was stupid.

08 May 2007 FOX FM's Jo Stanely impressed judges and audience alike with her singing on Channel 7's It Takes Two, Tuesday evening.

07 May 2007 Mark Irvine is now doing 3MP evenings in place of Peter O'Callaghan who has moved to mornings.

06 May 2007 Radio rumours scout on the red carpet at tonights TV Week Logie awards reports Triple M breakfast co-host Brigitte Duclos will go down as one of the worst dressed at this years event. He desribes her red shiney gown as 'borrowed'!

06 May 2007 Lot's of industry speculation that SEN are in for a rude shock in Tuesday's ratings. Whilst it could be argued it's early day's the word is the cost of football versus revenue put's them on borrowed time. That is not to say there is a shortage of ads on SEN. This will be the most important survey to SEN since their launch in 2004! Good luck!

06 May 2007 Billy from Billy & Mindy breakfast Star FM Goulburn Valley did his last shift on Saturday morning announcing he was off overseas.

06 May 2007 Magic 1278 breakfast (Andrew and Anne) welcome John Michael Howson as a regular contributor from this week. John Michael will present show business gossip from around 8.20 every Tuesday morning.  05 May 2007 Tim Arnold is now part of the Em and Wippa breakfast program on Perth's 92.9 FM. Of course we know Tim from Nova 100 nights.05 May 2007  3MP's Peter O'Callaghan will be covering the recently departed Jane Holmes shift from Monday morning.

03 May 2007 This month one of the great survivors of radio celebrates 50 years in the industry. Keith McGowan long time host of Melbourne Overnighters on 3AW, started in radio at 3UZ in 1957. Prior to joining 3AW in 1990 he presented the same Overnighters program on 3AK having joined 3AK from 3DB breakfast. (although there was a brief stint at 3GL after 3DB prior to 3AK)

03 May 2007 Will 3MP air that classic Slade Gudby T Jane (Good bye to Jane) track tomorrow? It is Jane Holmes last day at 3MP having joined 3AW. For those who don't know, Jane is the  voice you hear anytime you contact Telstra or use your Mobile messagebank.

03 May 2007 Names being mentioned for mornings on 3MP include Steve Murphy (2CH) and Jo Spargo (ABC Gippsland and third generation announcer).

02 May 2007 Who are the drive team who do not talk to each other outside of the studio?

02 May 2007 Could there be a PD exiting via the side door shortly at a Perth FM station?

02 May 2007 Kate Cebrano has won the latest series of Dancing With The Stars beating Triple M's Fifi Box.

02 May 2007 Margaret Campion's long awaited book celebrating 75 years of 3AW is now available for pre-order.View it here

01 May 2007 Kevin Rudd will be special guest on Brisbane's B105 breakfast this Thursday morning. He will be asked to sign an agreement that if he wins the election later this year he will return to the program as Prime Minister.

01 May 2007 Much has been written recently about who are the longest serving breakfast team on radio around the nation. Geelong's Bay FM team of Laurie and Paula have survived the distance of not only time but various music format changes along the the way as well.

01 May 2007  Ace Radio Network Nightline program is being covered by Anthony Keirce (ex 3BA) via 2AY in Albury who is filling in for Mark Watson.