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Macca's on the road. You might say, "so what, he's always on the road". Well sort of, but this is different.

Usually he travels to a city or town, does his show on Sunday morning and then returns to base. This time he's on the road for nearly two months - just like one of those grey nomads, travelling in a campervan and visiting a swag of places that have had a hard time of it.

Over the last 10 years or so, drought has ravaged most of Australia - city and country - so Macca will be on the road doing his show on Sundays from various places around the nation and dropping in to many others like Goombungee, Emerald (where they have had the recent floods), Isisford, Lake Boga, Deniliquin.

Almost 'all over'!

Macca says many of the emails and letters he gets (yes he still get letters) from listeners, say the things they love about listening on Sunday morning (Saturday afternoon or evening overseas) is hearing aussies from all over doing all sorts of different things.

"That's what I'll be doing on the Say G'day tour, talking to lots of people and also spreading a little good cheer," says Macca.

"People say to me 'you've been everywhere Macca'. Not quite true. I've been around, but there's lots of places I haven't been and a lot of them are on this tour. I'm looking forward to visiting, and saying G'day."

"I hope they're looking forward to seeing me too."

See you on the road!