Today, twenty eight years ago 92.3 EON FM went to air for the first time from their Bank Street South Melbourne studio. .The following is what went to air to open the station "It's one past midnight and this is 92.3, E-O-N FM, I'm Peter Grace and this is the beginning of a long, long time..." The first track played being the Eagles [i]A new kid in town[/i].

Alas the long, long time was only eight years, although for some in radio that is an eternity, in 1988 EON FM became 3MMM.

Triple M today celebrated the birth of EON and paid tribute to a radio station that played a big part of life in Melbourne during the 1980's. Lee Simon, 'Captain' Karl Van Est and Peter Grace were on air from midday.

The station have put together a tribute page packed with features and well worth the visit [link=]here[/link]