Does Brisbane have its own sound? How did sweaty suburban pubs shape generations of Australian musicians? Were The Triffids’ countless road trips across the Nullarbor the catalyst for their eerie brand of Australian gothic?

The producers of Wide Open Road, coming in November to triple j, ABC Radio National, ABC Local Radio and, sought out some of Australia’s most influential musicians to find out whether Australia’s diverse landscape is integral to our international reputation for unique, original music.

Hosted by triple j Music Director Richard Kingsmill and divided into four parts - Road, Suburbs, Carpet and Coast - the series examines how the Australian environment has shaped contemporary popular music, creating a singular musical identity.

See and hear musicians and songwriters in the environments that forged their particular sounds. Take a walk down by Port Phillip Bay with Paul Kelly; hear the tide rise and smell the scent of mangoes in the breeze with the Pigram Brothers of Broome; drive over the dry flatlands with the Waifs; chill out in the suburban backyard of the Hilltop Hoods; sip tea in the coastal home of John Butler; and, drop in on Darren Hanlon in the country caravan where he writes his songs.

Archival sound and new interviews and recordings bring to life the real and imagined worlds of our songwriters and musicians. You will see where Australian music has come from, and the places and headspaces that still give it its unique sounds.

For a visual and aural treat, the Wide Open Road website ( provides extended audio interviews, lyrics, photo gallery and guest book, music downloads, and a road map of Australian music. It is also your opportunity to submit your own stories and memories of favourite gigs, songs and artists.

Tune in to hear the Wide Open Road series every Saturday for four weeks from 1 November on triple j at 2pm and ABC Radio National at 5pm during Into the Music . All episodes will also be available online as audio on demand at the Wide Open Road website. Selected excerpts will feature on ABC Local Radio.

For details on how to tune in to ABC Radio visit .

At a time when Australian music is widely considered to be experiencing its own renaissance, Wide Open Road will traverse the songlines of our musical landscape