Akmal Saleh is quitting radio to write a book and make a documentary movie.

Saleh said he'd had a "great ride" at with Nova during his two years hosting the popular national drive time show The Wrong Way Home but had decided on a new direction.

"My time with Nova has almost been a job," he joked.

"They expected so much of me, I was expected to show up daily and stay for the full three hours each weekday - their expectations were unreasonable."

Saleh is looking forward to writing a book after securing a deal with Random House, and he will return to his birthplace of Egypt to make a documentary.

He is also planning to go back to his roots with a new stand-up show.

"Akmal will continue to be a great mate of Nova while he travels around and we wish him well as he decides to knuckle down to write the book he has been talking about writing for ages," DMG Radio Group program director Dean Buchanan said.

Saleh will be on air until December 12.

An announcement about the future of the show and timeslot is expected in the next couple of weeks, a Nova spokeswoman said.

It is not yet known whether co-hosts Cal Wilson, who is due to give birth early next year, and Ed Kavalee will stay on.