Edge FM’s Crafty Technician Ian Crockett has done it again! The little genius has recently installed a brand new panel in the Edge FM studio, proceeded to arrange a special welcoming blast for breaky announcer, Matt Hobbs.

The trap was actually activated by Hobbsy, via the on air mike. The microphone switch had a 12 volt power supply wired to it, designed to trigger 5 different fireworks.

Four of the fireworks were fired from a top the speakers showering Hobbsy with confetti. Meanwhile a banger within the panel in a special box added to the ensuing chaos with an almighty blast, coinciding with the relentless shower of confetti.

It must be said that Crocky had a special assistant in instigating the trap, in the form of Edge FM General Manager and fireworks magician Col Dayman (also with local company Marshall Fireworks), whose expertise ensured the set-up was executed as planned.

A stunned Hobbsy took it all in good fun and the rest of the breaky show was er, um a real blast.

Incidentally Crocky also set up Edge FM’s AM counterpart 3NE when they had a new panel installed last year. On that occasion breaky announcer Paul Konik was greeted with a special shower of confetti, streamers and a pre recorded welcome disguised as a commercial