AirCheck, Australia’s most accurate and immediate broadcast monitoring service
has announced a partnership with The Music Network to provide detailed airplay
data for their weekly publication. The Music Network, owned by Peer Group Media,
now provides the most comprehensive list of music charts and song analysis ever
compiled in Australia based on actual Radio and TV airplay, all sourced from
The Hot 100 Chart, Airplay Charts by each state, Airplay Format Charts, Record
company Airplay share and even a breakdown of songs and commercials by
day-part on a different radio station each week, are at the core of the new look
Music Network.
The Music Network, re launched in June, remains the premier source of information
for the Australian music industry and is now further strengthened by its
comprehensive coverage of the ever-changing digital media platforms.
Jade Harley, Managing Editor of The Music Network commented. “When we relaunched
the magazine we had to be sure that our charts and analysis was the most
accurate in the marketplace. After in-depth testing we were certain that AirCheck
were the perfect partner to populate our charts and drive our data, offering the most
current and accurate airplay data of songs and commercials.”
Keith Williams, Managing Director of AirCheck Australia said today “AirCheck is
the only service to capture every song and commercial on a radio or TV station and
therefore is compelling data for market intelligence. You see the full picture.
The Music Network represents the Music Industry and AirCheck monitors the music
played on Australian radio and TV, so it made sense to work in partnership.”
AirCheck is subscribed by all major radio networks and record companies in
Australia and has been leading the market with accurate independent commercial
and song verification for over 5 years.