SMH: In May last year, after the Matthew Johns sex scandal involving the Cronulla Sharks in New Zealand, 2GB's leading morals crusader, Chris Smith, thundered into the microphone: "If you carry on like a lunatic, full of grog, and have disrespect for women, you should be fired." So far, Smith has only been suspended for his own behaviour full of grog and disrespect for women at his office Christmas party last month; 2GB management is yet to announce whether he is to stay or go.

In his nine years as afternoon presenter on the top-rating station, Smith has never held back from casting judgment on others. He is from the John Brennan school that believes there is no room for equivocation if you want to succeed in commercial talk radio. Strong opinion and moral outrage win the ratings. In the world espoused by Chris Smith, the internationally acclaimed Bill Henson photographs were disgusting and pornographic. Tiger Woods's marital infidelities were disgraceful. Read the entire article from the source SMH