After months of speculation it has been confirmed that Melbourne Easy Music radio station 3MP will relaunch with a talk format. A joint venture has been formed between Macquarie Radio Network (owners of 2GB & 2CH) and Pacific Star Network owners of 3MP and SEN. The new station which will be rebranded will take over the signal currently broadcasting as 3MP.

Steve Price, one time 3AW program director and later day 2UE broadcaster, will return to Melbourne where he will play a key role in establishing the new radio entity. Price who will be program director is also expected to be part of the on air team. Last week heard whispers that the new station was keen to secure the services of 3AW newsreader David Armstrong.

It appears that the new talk station which will be on air early in the second quarter of the year will not provide a live AFL coverage.

Macquarie Radio Network Chairman, Russell Tate, who will also Chair the joint venture company, said in a statement that MRN had been interested in introducing a second commercial talk station to Melbourne "for some years."

"We've always believed that there is a place in the Melbourne market for two commercial talk stations, and that there is a real opportunity to present to Melbourne a broader choice of listening alternatives," he said.

There have also been rumours that Ernie Sigley may join the new station, surely to god who ever put this one out was only gagging.