The Australian Communications and Media Authority has asked 2HHH FM Ltd, licensee of the community radio service 2HHH in Hornsby, Sydney, to provide a revised policy and procedure for internal conflict resolution that meets the purpose and intent of clause 6.2 of the Community Broadcasting Codes of Practice 2002.

The licensee has been asked to provide the document to ACMA by 2 April 2007.

ACMA’s action follows a finding that 2HHH had breached the code by not having in place a written policy and procedure that outlined mechanisms to facilitate internal conflict resolution. ACMA also found that 2HHH had breached the code by not responding to a complainant’s letter within 60 days of receipt.

As this is the first complaint ACMA has received about 2HHH’s internal conflict resolution and its handling of complaints, ACMA has decided to take no further action at this stage.

ACMA will continue to monitor 2HHH’s performance in relation to complaints handling.