Albany Harness Racing Club has introduced a new innovation to lift its profile. At the club’s first meeting for the new racing season run on Sunday 7th January, the club broadcast its races via its website. With support from Racing and Wagering Western Australia, Albany Harness Racing Club has set up its own internet radio station and will broadcast all its races in full from the course. In between races the club will relay TAB Racing Radio.

The club has taken on this innovation because of the tight scheduling of Racing Radio. The club has owners of horses that live all over the state and when timing overruns occur our club’s coverage is severely restricted. The fact that some races, or part of some races cannot be heard is of concern to owners and others who particularly want to hear the call, and can affect turnover. This is certainly a first for Western Australia and possibly Australia.

The Albany Harness Racing Club is now also supplying last lap replays for the harness.org.au results page as well as supplying a full audio replay and last lap reply via our own website.

Keep up with what’s happening in Albany on www.albanyharnessracing.com.au