Source Adelaide Cofidential

SIMON Mitchell has no illusions of grandeur about his new gig on radio. “Basically I’ll be filing CDs and cleaning the music office,” he laughs. . . “Making sure any artist starting with A has their CD in the A artist spot.” He’s downplaying it just a tad.He’s just been promoted to assistant music director at the Sunshine Coast radio station Hot 91FM. And as of January 15, he’ll be hosting the night show as well. Not bad for a Triple M street crew driver from Adelaide. Simon and his girlfriend, Zoe Noonan, moved up to Maroochydore in February last year. Simon had lined up a gig he knew a lot about - handing out cans of Coke as a promotional crew member for the station.
While he’d always wanted to break into radio down south, the opportunities here didn’t present themselves.

“When I came up here I may have lied a bit about what I’d done at home, and they let me do dawns (the graveyard shift on air) and it went from there,” he laughs.

And when the music director went on holidays over Chrissie he was next in line.

“I push F1 and F2 a lot, that’s pretty much it,” he jokes.

“No, I’m really happy, it’s a nice feather to have in your cap.”

He’s well and truly adapted to the Queensland way of life - getting up at the crack of dawn to go surfing before work. “I couldn’t surf before I got up here,” he says, “and well, I still can’t really, I just paddle about for couple of hours, then come back in.”

Zoe is relief primary teaching along the coast and is also enjoying the seachange (she’s sporting a very impressive tan).

So what’s next for Simon?

“My plan is to stop making as many mistakes,” he laughs, “At the end of the day dead air isn’t a good thing.”

See, with insight like that - he was always destined for management.