Hamish and Andy today got a feel for what it's like to be a women's Olympic basketballer, doing more than taking a walk in the players' shoes.

The pair did a radio interview with Australian star Penny Taylor on the Austereo Network earlier this week, expressing their keenness to attend a game despite a lack of tickets.

Taylor came through with tickets to the Opals' game against Russia, but on one proviso - they had to wear the Aussie team uniform.

"There was a mix up with my family's flights and they couldn't arrive until after the game," Taylor said.

"Hamish and Andy said they would love to come along. So I told them I would give them the tickets on the condition they wore the body suit, and they wore them loud and proud as you saw today."

Andy, who dates Aussie super model Megan Gale, wore Taylor's number 7 bodysuit. Hamish was a sight for sore eyes, wearing Opals centre Suzy Batkovic's number 8 outfit.