Helmes Media Solutions has expanded its local news service footprint into Victoria and South Australia by entering into a local news supply arrangement with Radio Station 3MBR-FM.

General Manager of Helmes Media Solutions Joel Helmes says stations are looking at the quality of Helmes Media Solutions local news bulletins and seeing that it is both achievable and much more cost effective to outsource local news to his organization.

“We aren’t in the business of making things complicated, we look at a market and say who are the people making and supplying news here”.

“After that it’s just about building relationships and contacts, I think the finished product speaks for itself”.

“I think the best part of what we offer radio stations is the consistency of our service; stations know that every morning a news bulletin containing everything that has happened in their region in the past 24 hours will be waiting for them”.

Helmes Media Solutions also provides daily local news bulletins to Crow FM in Kingaroy and the South Burnett in Queensland and produces some of Australia’s favorite radio segments including Behind the Wheel and New Horizons.