When you wake up Friday morning (Friday Sep 26), Mix 94.5 which sits at 94.5 on the FM dial will have a new name!

The Mix team has been busy all week preparing to change the name of the station to celebrate the twenty fifth anniversary of the day that Perth entered the world stage.

That’s right! It will be 25 years to the day that Australia II stole the America’s Cup from Dennis Connor and Liberty.
So when you turn the radio onto Mix 94.5 Friday, you will get a brand new station, called “Australia 2 FM”.

Fred Botica and his bunch will start the day broadcasting live from the Maritime Museum in Fremantle with one hundred invited listeners all dressed just how they were back in 1983.

Content Director Steve Mummery said “How could we ignore the day Perth came of age, and an entire nation became sailing experts. It’s going to be an exciting day, and to help take everybody who lived in
Perth that day back to those memories, every song we play will be from 1983”.

Australia II crew members including John Longley and Skip Lissiman will join the celebrations on air
throughout the day.

The Maritime Museum will be having an open day on Sunday between 9.30am and 5pm. It will be free entry to go and see the famous winged keel that’s still attached to Australia II.