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The Australian radio industry today revealed the digital radio logo and multi-million dollar on-air awareness campaign that will launch the switch-on of the Australian radio industry’s new technology platform.

“Digital Radio – it’s radio as you know it…plus”, forms the basis of the campaign. A plus (+) feature acts as a constant memory aid in all – radio, online, point of sale and visual media and a distinctive audio sonic mnemonic will identify the brand on radio, television and online.

Developed by the independent creative agency SMART in conjunction with Commercial Radio Australia and with the support of all the commercial stations, plus the ABC and SBS, the launch campaign for digital radio will illustrate that radio is about to undergo a multimedia technology transition.
Chief executive officer of Commercial Radio Australia, Joan Warner showcased the new Digital Radio Plus brand, the consumer website and the unique sonic sound tag at a business briefing attended by key stakeholders from the radio, retail, car and receiver manufacturer industries.

“The industry-wide Digital Radio Plus on-air awareness campaign, worth an estimated $10 million will be rolled out in three phases in the first quarter of 2009 in the digital radio launch markets of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide,” said Ms Warner .

“The first phase in the campaign will be a tease tactic to commence in the first quarter of 2009 to introduce the brand and raise awareness. Phase two will outline the new capabilities and benefits of digital radio and generate excitement in preparation for a specific retail promotion to take place. Phase three will drive the usage of digital radio as the switch-on takes place and also promote a national listener focused “Launch Event” said Ms Warner.

“We have worked closely with the radio industry, manufacturers and retailers to develop a logo and collateral that will work in all third party applications. The audio sonic mnemonic can be applied as a tag on retail advertising and the Digital Plus logo can be used on manufacturers packaging to distinguish it as Australian DAB+ product,” Ms Warner explained.

DAB+ is the digital radio technical delivery system that will allow radio broadcasters to deliver a much more dynamic, multi-media experience to the listener.
The additional spectrum in the DAB+ system will enable broadcasters to provide extra audio channels, a superior sound quality, a pause and rewind facility plus a new visual aspect to radio with the introduction of scrolling news, sport and weather text and the ability to transmit on a small screen a picture of a radio host or band, the cover of a CD or an animated logo.
“Every execution in the campaign is designed to generate interest by illustrating that no matter what type of radio broadcast you listen to – music, talk, sport, news, lifestyle… digital radio will enhance the experience and make it that much better,” explained SMART Sydney Managing Director, Jamie Clift.
The Digital Radio Plus sonic mnemonic feature of the campaign is a subtle 'plus' vocal using the voice of a child.

“The sonic is the most important part of the brand,” said SMART Creative Director, John Mescall. “It‘s designed to serve as an audio shorthand for the brand like the iconic Intel sound or Windows start up sound.”

All communication will direct listeners, readers and viewers to the new consumer website digitalradioplus.com.au

The consumer website will become the digital radio information gateway where listeners, retailers and all key stakeholders can easily access information about digital radio. The site will incorporate training modules for retailers and the advertising industry about what digital radio can deliver

Consumers will also be able to SMS their postcode to the mobile phone number 0409DRPLUS (0409 377 587) to find out if they can receive digital radio in their area.

“Ideally, after the first phase of the on-air campaign begins, listeners will have seen and heard the digital radio awareness raising campaign, will go on to the consumer website to find out more about what digital radio will mean for them; undertake a postcode search to find out where the broadcasts will be available and which retailers will stock digital radios and then will purchase a new receiver ready for the launch,” Ms Warner said.

Commercial Radio Australia is working together with retailers and receiver manufacturers to ensure a digital radio is on top of everyone’s must buy list in 2009, said Ms Warner.

Free-to-air digital radio services will begin in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth on 1 May 2009.

Visit the Digital Radio Plus website at digitalradioplus.com.au