Listeners to Helmes Media Solutions segments will now be able to contribute to their content with a national feedback line now in operation.

Helmes Media Solutions General Manager Joel Helmes says its one thing to listen to interesting radio but now listeners can also have their say as well.

“For example on Behind the Wheel someone might have a technical question to put to us, we will incorporate that question into the segment, hearing from the actual listener”.

“I don’t think that’s ever been done before in this format”.

Mr. Helmes says the 1300 number (1300 784 212) and feedback line will enable Helmes Media Solutions to help grow the interest not only in the segments, but in the radio stations they are heard on.

‘People love feeling like their part of their favorite radio stations, we think this can only help”.

The feedback line is free for your listeners to use and will be promoted in Behind the Wheel, In the Garden and New Horizons.