Three Australian talk radio stations will shortly start trials for DIGITALK radio. 2GB, 3AW and Fiveaa will allow listeners to interact and join in live to air whenever the listener feels like it. If a listener feels they know better or they don't agree with the announcer they can add their point of view. Put simply for those who are passionate about their talk radio there will be no more need to jump on the phone and wait on hold.

DIGITALK was launched last month in Mexico and was an instant hit. Initial fears of masses of people talking over the announcer were soon forgotten as listeners forged their own conversations on the 3,000 channel digital sets.

A high rating station may have up to 8 versions of breakfast going at once as listeners can be bumped from the main program and fed through to the stations other channels. Such was the case in Mexico where morning talk presenter Pablo Cruze quickly adapted with listeners talking over him at random, Cruze will be in Australia during the trials.

To join in the DIGITALK trials listeners will need to purchase a GABFD 3000 channel digital radio and a german made OLFO RIPAL headset. Wearing the headset within 6 metres of the digital radio will allow you to instantly become part of the program by adding your point of view live to air. This will allow you to jump right into the conversation.