John Singleton has declared competitor Fairfax Media "dead" after 2GB's latest radio win. Singo was speaking of how 2GB's sister station 2CH had tied with 2UE for fifth place in the ratings. 2CH is an easy listening station where 82 year old radio legend Bob Rogers presents mornings Monday to Friday.
Quick with the quip while singing the praise of Bob Rogers Singo took aim at the Fairfax owned 2UE: [i] 2UE's decline was "predictable," Singleton said, praising 2CH veteran Bob Rogers. In a play on the motto of UE's last ratings winner John Laws, Singo joked: "F. . . the dream, I'm keeping Bob Rogers alive.""2UE is dead. The Sydney Morning Herald is dead. Fairfax is dead. It's just no one's realised."[/i]