April Fool fun has come and gone for another year and across the nation all sorts of pranks took place. Our own prank for 2009 fielded an email from New Zealand requesting an interview even before dawn had broken.

GRUBBY & DEE DEE were caught in the middle of an April Fools Prank, with a number of cars parked in GOLD 104's Richmond street wrapped up in Glad Wrap overnight. There were some strange notes left on them too. Click here for more pics

Sea FM caught thousands of Gold Coasters off guard this morning, broadcasting that motorists would be slugged with a $2.50 toll from April 1 for using the Tugun bypass. It was a well-played April Fools' Day prank, with fellow conspirators including Queensland Premier Anna Bligh and Gold Coast Mayor Ron Clarke. More

Adelaide's Triple M breakfast team Kym, Ali & Dzelde had a scandal on their hands of large proportions. Ali's former boyfriend had attempted to sell nude photos of her however the team were set to reveal all. View pics here and listen to the audio here

At Vega 95.3 breakfast, Mikey and Tony set up Dragon's Todd Hunter to ring in and request Rebecca to sing back up vocals this Saturday night when Dragon perform live. Well the prank back fired on the boys Listen to the audio grab here

3NE's newsreader Tony Tynan told listeners that the border of Victoria and New South Wales was to be realigned to the Murrumbidgee River from the Murray after the original plans were discovered.

Melbourne's Student Youth Network radio station SYN FM announced on their website this morning that they were to rename their station ``Female Youth Network'', or FYN FM, in a hope to gain additional funding.