beatlesD-Star is proud to announce the digital distribution of the Beatles remastered back catalogue to every active Play MPE Australian media account this Friday August 28. The Beatles remain one of the most played bands on Australian radio and EMI have chosen Play MPE to ensure that Australia's media have the full catalogue (including all studio albums, plus singles and rarites compilations Past Masters Volumes 1 and 2) in high definition.

"D-Star's Play MPE delivery system is now the industry standard in Australia for the distribution of music to media and we're proud to show off the capabilities of it with this massive delivery of fourteen of the world's seminal music albums from the biggest band in history." said D-Star CEO Peter Skillman. "This is a must-have for every media outlet in Australia and we're pleased to do our part in ensuring Australian media users have this piece of music history."

To receive The Beatles remastered catalogue, media outlets (radio, print, TV and online) must have an active Play MPE account by August 27. Accounts are free and can be applied for at For more information, email