nova969Nova host James Mathison will present a one-hour Nova’s All Ears special on Youth Homelessness live across the Nova Network nationally this Sunday, September 20 at 8pm EST. Mathison will be joined by Captain Paul Moulds from Oasis Youth Support Network who has dedicated his life to working with homeless kids.

With the help of Captain Moulds, the Nova Network special will uncover the facts about youth homelessness in Australia, stories from homeless kids and highlight the work of the Oasis Youth Support Network, which devotes itself to the cause.

Nova’s All Ears will be live nationally on the Nova Network this Sunday September 20:
Nova 969 Sydney 8.00 pm
Nova 100 Melbourne 8.00 pm
Nova 1069 Brisbane 8.00 pm
Nova 919 Adelaide 7.30 pm
Nova 937 Perth 6.00 pm