ashNova 106.9 morning presenter Ash Bradnam will take time off to deal with alcohol issues after being caught drink driving little more than an hour after finishing work. Bradnam was caught driving at 0.214 - more than four times the legal limit - at a service centre off the Pacific Motorway at 10.20am last Thursday, just 80 minutes after the end of his daily radio show with co-presenters Meshel and Tim.

In a statement read out on radio today, Bradnam admitted to having a drinking problem.

"There are three things that are important to me, first of all my health, second of all my family and thirdly my job and I admit I have let all three down and I am really sorry for that," he said.

"I admitted this morning to Nova that I was arrested last Thursday for being substantially over the legal limit for driving and I also admitted I am again struggling with a drinking problem which first emerged a few years ago.

"I am absolutely appalled by my actions and I absolutely do not condone drink driving in any way, shape or form", he said.

"I am so sorry for the pain I have caused my family most of all and Nova listeners.

"I am going to be taking some time off to get the help I need so that I can back on the air at Nova and I am determined that I am going to recover."

Also speaking on air, Nova general manager Sean Ryan said the station would support Bradnam who will now seek help for his drinking problem.

"All of us at Nova are extremely disappointed with what's happened today; drink driving is absolutely intolerable at any level," he said.

"Ash however is part of the Nova family and he has admitted to a larger problem that has existed for some time and we won't be turning our back on him.

"Ash will now take some time off and we will support him through that process of rehabilitation."