nova969This morning on Nova 969’s Merrick & Rosso & Kate Ritchie the dump button was dusted off and used, and the game Kerplunk was to blame!
Kerplunk – made it’s highly non-anticipated radio debut just after 6am this morning in their Bored Game Friday’s segment. During the tense game the guys had to use the dump button. The competitive Merrick with the cause for the use of the dump button ….
- Merrick : “Ladies and gentlemen can we just say that for the first time in history we’ve had to use the dump button, you’ve probably heard about it before, the seven second delay that we use in radio for safety.
- Kate: “what caused it … Kerplunk!”
- Merrick : “Because I said this game is something, something … so if your radio sounded a little bit weird then, that’s because we had to dump ourselves. Ten years of broadcasting and I’ve never done it and -Kerplunk tips me over the edge
Later on in the show Rosso described what happened to listeners and played the audio from earlier on where the words had been bleeped out;
Rosso: “There has been a lot of talk in the media about the dump button that we have here on radio, which is basically where we go a little bit on delay so if anything unsavoury happens you can push a little button and whatever happens never goes to air”
Merrick: It is standard industry piece of technology and we’ve had it in place here for years and years
Rosso: We’ve used it a couple of times with talkback callers if they’d said something unsavoury (or defamatory) but never, never have we ever had to use it for what a member of this team has said … until this morning, ladies and gentlemen, where Merrick Watts so incensed by his inability to rule supreme at the game of Kerplunk …