The AFL has put up a $1-million ticket for 2007 radio rights and restructured broadcast packages, which is expected to marginalise the ABC and result in 3AW and SEN fighting for the top-level rights.

The AFL’s senior executive in charge of broadcasting, Ben Buckley, confirmed the league was considering buying a stake in SEN, The Age said.

SEN has revealed it would bid against 3AW and Triple M for radio rights. “SEN are interested in bidding for all the packages we have on offer and we are looking at a relationship with them,” Mr Buckley told The Age.

The A-class package has been costed by the AFL at $1 million per station.
3AW met the figure, while Triple M baulked at it.

Industry sources had estimated the costs for rights were between $600,000 and $800,000

3KZ callers circa 1954

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