True to his word 3AW’s Derryn Hinch has no case to answer in the alleged sex claim brought about by former Army major Mary Ann Martinek. Police have filed a report with the Victorian Office of Public Prosecutions recommending no charges be laid against Derryn Hinch.

The  woman accused the 3AW drive announcer of sexually assaulting her at his St Kilda Road apartment about 12 months prior. He denied the claims.

He admitted on air during the drive program on 3AW in March that he did have a brief sexual encounter with Mary Ann Martinek but that it was consensual.
 He has vowed to pursue her for extortion.

“I went to the police, and I said ‘this is extortion’ and I intend to follow that one. I’ll chase it in every rabbit hole … because my name has been partly cleared, now I want to make her feel the heat.” I knew that I’d done nothing wrong and I said way back that it was malicious, it was vindictive,”

Derryn who normally calls a spade a spade who is suffering from a mystery illness and has refused to reveal exactly what it is. Even those in the industry who are close to him have not been told just how serious his condition is.