Kyle Sandilands has lashed out at Rove McManus straight after interviewing him on 2DAY FM breakfast this morning. Rove had been on the line to discuss the Gold Logie nomination and much of the interview saw Kylie playing Mr Nice to Rove, even signing off "Thanks mate, nice to talk to you." It was when Rove had hung up Sandilands turned it on to radio co-host Jackie O,

"I lied about the 'nice to talk to you' bit. Hate talkin' to him ... hate his guts. I was bein' civil. But I still don't like him."Jackie O then tried to calm Sandilands down but he continued with "Being civil to people and actually liking him are two different things. I don't wanna pretend to the audience that I like him, cos he's an arsehole."
"I will present the show in a professional manner, really what I think is he's a spiteful little a***hole. That's what I think." Audio