At opposite ends of the country on 92.9 Perth and 2DAY Sydney the radio breakfast teams have interviewed the real life women portrayed in the hit channel 9 series Underbelly. Judy Moran, estranged wife of the late Lewis Moran, mother of murdered Jason and Mark, has appeared on Em and Wippa's 92.9 breakfast program to share her thoughts on the TV program against those of what really happened Listen here.

In Sydney 2DAY breakfast, Kyle and Jackie interviewed Roberta Williams, wife of Carl Williams. Roberta was pedalling the same garbage about her portrayal in the series. People connected to the production of Underbelly confirm the actor who plays Roberta Williams on the series managed to get many of Roberta's mannerisms correct with one insider saying 'this was art imitating life' much to Roberta's protests. Where the actor out shone Roberta was in looks. Listen here