Audio follows:This morning on Nova 100, the stoush between Collingwood President Eddie McGuire and Nova 100's Dave Hughes continued. McGuire spoke to Hughesy and Kate this morning over allegations Hughesy made about Collingwood supporters chants and their offensive chants about Gary Ablett.

Eddie went on the attack today, literally not stopping for a breath, when he strongly put forward his defense to Hughesy and Kate in an extensive discussion. Part 1 of 3 parts attached.

Dave Hughes was appalled at witnessing Collingwood supporters chanting Gary Ablett's father is a murderer at the Collingwood v Geelong game. The team invited McGuire, through Collingwood, to go on air and discuss the matter but were unable to get an interview despite repeated requests.

After a newspaper picked up the story last Wednesday Eddie unleashed on SEN questioning the source of the article, "Dave Hughes who takes a living out of hanging s**t on people. Dave Hughesy whose whole schtick is outrage." The Saturday Herald Sun followed up on the stoush printing Hughesy's response to Eddie's tirade.

Not one to back down from an argument involving Collingwood and especially when he is launching a new show tonight (Millionaire Hot Seat), Collingwood President Eddie McGuire hit out at Hughesy on Nova 100's Hughesy and Kate this morning. Hughesy accused Eddie of being irrational when defending Collingwood supporters.
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