Triple j's live music team braved the rain in Melbourne and heat in Sydney to record the audio for Sydney and Melbourne Sound Relief concerts. The station is proud to have been able to contribute the live music team's time and expertise to this important event.

triple j also made the audio available free for other radio networks to broadcast throughout the day, incliding DMG radio, ARN, Macquarie Regional Radioworks, Austereo as well as the audio for Channel V and MAX.

triple j presenters Rosie Beaton and Vijay Khurana took to the stage to MC and introduce Wolfmother's performance.

"Despite the crazy weather it was an honour to represent triple j and introduce Wolfmother with their new line up," says Rosie.

"I tried to put myself in the shoes of emergency workers, families and all affected. Getting up on stage was easy compared to the pain and loss so many have suffered. It was truly a momentous event to be part of."

In Melbourne drive presenter Scott "Dools" Dooley got the 80,000 strong crowd amped for Bliss N Eso when they took the stage in heavy rain.

triple j thanks all the team who made the on-air broadcast of the day so special - it was a veritable feast of live music for triple j's listeners and music lovers across the nation.

The Melbourne Sound Relief live music team comprised of Chris Thompson - Live Music Producer, Team leader, Mixing Engineer; Steven Schram - Mixing Engineer; James Cadsky - Mixing Engineer; Phillip McKellar -Mixing Engineer; Jim Atkins - Audio Engineer, Signal Distribution; Leah Baker - Audio Engineer, Signal Distribution; Russell Thomson - Audio Engineer Assist; Chris Lawson - Audio Engineer Assist.

The Sydney Sound Relief live music team were Cameron McCauley - EP Live Music, Linda Radclyffe - Audio Engineer, signal distribution, Greg Wales - Mixing Engineer, Paul McKercher - Mixing Engineer, Matt Freeman - Assistant, Dan Ricketts - Assistant. source Access ABC