Some weeks ago we wrote about the wide spread practice of bogus calls and segments to radio stations. At the time we were referring to the to cool for school unrealistic gotcha calls and totally unrealistic life experience calls you hear on any given day across many radio programs. Interesting article from The Adelaide Advertiser written by Kevin Naughton.

More importantly let us not lose sight of the fun that any form of radio can be and the enjoyment it might bring to the audience.

Bogus calls are not unique to the  breakfast gotcha calls we hear across the nation.  There are other forms of radio set ups that take place.

Quite often it may relate to a political spin that is being pushed although more often than not promotion of a product or service. (The late Hal Todd was a champion of this on late night radio in Melbourne.) 

In regards to  the political spin it more often comes from a chain of callers ready to pounce on the line to project their  views on the listening audience.