The ACTU and Australian unions have launched the next phase of the Your Rights at Work campaign with a series of radio ads aimed at highlighting the winners and losers in the new IR system, and the impact of the laws on young people and families.

The radio ads begin this week in every state, and across regional Australia. The ACTU’s TV ads will also continue to air on TV.

ACTU President Sharan Burrow said the Federal Government did not want the real impact of the laws open to scrutiny and challenge, but the union movement was committed to continuing to bring the impact of the laws to public attention.

Ms. Burrow said:”Since the IR laws were introduced earlier this year, working Australians have been subject to diminished protections from unfair dismissal and employers using the laws to cut workers pay and conditions.

“Working families are suffering and the impact of the laws will continue to grow, particularly as families battle with rising interest rates and petrol prices, and increases in health insurance and many household costs.”The unions are committed to continuing to bring these issues to the public.

“Working people continue to contact the ACTU describing their situation - that they are being pushed on to individual contacts, that wages are being cut, penalty rates are being stripped and overtime allowances are becoming a thing of the past.”

The radio ads describe legitimate scenarios - young families, workers in country areas, young people getting their first job and the push of big business”

They may be dramatic, but unfortunately accurately reflect that all the power rests with big business, with no negotiation and no protection for large numbers of employees

“The ACTU will continue to put pressure on the Howard Government until it rips up these unfair and harsh laws.”The advertisements will run on radio stations across the country.

Download Union Radio Ads: