The Australian Communications and Media Authority has placed an embargo on frequency bands potentially suitable for use by broadcasting services using Digital Radio Mondiale. These bands are outside the broadcasting services bands used by traditional broadcasting services.

Digital Radio Mondiale is a digital broadcasting technology that is being trialled internationally and in which there is interest in Australia
'ACMA intends to plan for the introduction of Digital Radio Mondiale but is also aware that international arrangements are still evolving and that Australia is influenced by these arrangements,' said Giles Tanner, General Manager of ACMA's Inputs to Industry Division.

'ACMA believes that a greater public benefit should be realised if its introduction is planned rather than introduced prematurely while international developments are still occurring. ACMA's use of embargoes and planning is intended to avoid the premature introduction of unplanned services that may compromise the benefits to the public that would otherwise result from the delivery of comprehensively planned Digital Radio Mondiale bands.'

The frequency bands involved are 5950 6200, 7100 7300, 9500 9900, 11650 12050, 13600 13800, 15100 5600, 1755 17900, 21450 21850 and 25670 26100 kHz. It is intended that no new frequency assignments in these bands will be authorised except for certain purposes.

ACMA will consider applications for the licensing of trials to investigate the use of the bands for Digital Radio Mondiale.