The AFL radio rights are not quite signed, sealed and delivered for the 2007 - 2009 seasons, although things are coming together. The main players will be Austereo’s Triple M network and Southern Cross through 3AW and 6PR. Triple M and 3AW will get the pick of the round matches calling main games over Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Triple M will also call homes games into Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide.

SEN are set to call games from 2007 and look like they will cover a broad spectrum of the fixture including secondary matches on a Saturday afternoon, interstate matches into Melbourne on a Saturday evening and Sunday games that start at 1.10pm.

Industry sources have suggested to Tattler that the AFL will invest in SEN with a possible options deal. SEN are rumoured to have committed close to $1.5 million to call AFL over three years.  Tattler also hears that a very high profile longtime caller of both radio and TV has had serious discussions with SEN.

The ABC are said to still be in deep talks with the AFL although at this stage it looks like they will get a similar break up of games to that of SEN.