Source and entire article from The Sun Herald via The SMH online: There has been all sorts of speculation floating around in the media about Kyle Sandilands’s move to Los Angeles. When and if he’s still going, how he’ll work his radio, Big Brother and Australian Idol commitments. He sat down with The Diary to set the record straight.

Yes, he’s moving to LA. It’s actually Sandilands’s fiancee Tamara Jaber and her band Scarlett Belle that prompted the move.

“If she owned a Jim’s Mowing franchise I’d be just as supportive,” Sandilands said. “She’s been very supportive with my ridiculous schedule for years and years. And when I wouldn’t come home ’til after midnight she’s never blinked an eyelid. She’s always been happy and always encouraging, so we just do it to each other.”

Jaber and her group have been recording their new album for the last few months in the US, working with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Ne-Yo, Beyonce’s sister Solange Knowles and songwriting great Diane Warren. It’s the completion and then promotion of this album that will see the pair live between the two countries, with Sandilands broadcasting the Kyle and Jackie O Show live from LA.

The move won’t be for another month or two, though, he said. “At some stage we’ll have to be half-based there but probably not until the end of February.”

Come midyear Sandilands will be back in Australia to start his role as the new host of Big Brother and to film Australian Idol auditions.

“While Big Brother’s live, I’ll be on the Gold Coast Sundays, doing Kyle and Jackie O from Brisbane, then flying to Idol auditions for three days and doing the radio show from wherever I am, and then I’ll probably be back in town for Fridays,” Sandilands laughed. “That’ll be quite a hectic few months.”

And on top of all of these commitments, he’s got his own wedding to fit in this year. “We haven’t got a date yet but we’ve met the wedding planners and they’re great. At least I don’t have to think about it. All I know is Tamara wants a sandstone church,” Sandilands said.