Source and article from The Australian: MACQUARIE Media Group, fresh from its recent joint takeover with Fairfax of Southern Cross Broadcasting, will rename its Australian operations within a month to reflect its newly expanded portfolio of assets.
The Australian understands the group’s flagship local operation, Macquarie Regional Radioworks (MRR) - Australia’s largest owner of regional radio stations - is to be fully rebadged as Macquarie Southern Cross Media.

The name change reflects Macquarie Media’s November completion of its purchase of the Southern Cross Ten regional television network across the country. It is believed the rebadging is to be completed by mid-February, when use of the MRR name will cease.

Graham Mott, head of the former Southern Cross’s metropolitan radio assets (owned by Fairfax Media after the takeover), revealed last year the Southern Cross name had to be taken out of logos and presentation for the radio assets, because Macquarie had purchased it.

“Under the sale agreement, we do not retain the rights to use the term Southern Cross,” he said.

The rebadging comes as Macquarie Media is quickly moving to integrate its radio and television sales teams in major markets around the country. The two national sales teams in metropolitan markets around the country are being moved into common premises.

A spokeswoman for Macquarie Media would only say last night that “the integration of the national sales businesses is going very well”.

The coming together of the regional radio and television sales teams comes amid speculation Macquarie Media is looking to offer cross-platform advertising in regional centres where it owns assets in both media.

The appointment of former Southern Cross sales executive Jeremy Simpson as head of the national sales business for both its radio and television assets has led to a belief it is aiming to market advertising packages across different media. MRR sales director Daryl Mitchell will become Mr Simpson’s effective number-two in the national sales team, continuing to focus on radio.

Local sources at radio and television stations in some of Macquarie’s regional markets also said they had been given indications that local managers may be placed in charge of both radio and television operations.

Some regional radio stations and television stations may also be co-located: “Why pay two rents?” one source said.

Meanwhile, one regional television sales source commented: “We’re still independent in selling television and radio products separately, but down the track, who knows? We’re still in a very big transition period.”

Sources at Macquarie Media refuted rumours yesterday that the coming together of some radio and television operations had led to a “landslide of resignations”.

Fairfax boss David Kirk recently moved to rebadge the radio assets it purchased as part of the Southern Cross carve-up - with the stations now referred to as the Fairfax News Network

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