PerthNow: Former 96fm breakfast producer and on air geezer Matt Hale is heading off overseas on an adventure of a life time.
OVER the next 12 months, Crap Elvis will party at Brazil's Carnaval, run with the bulls in Spain and pose next to the statues of Chile's Easter Island.

But first, Crap Elvis will spend five days at Parkes in central-western NSW, entering look-alike, sound-alike and move-alike competitions with a single aim - to come last.

Crap Elvis is the creation of Perth radio producer Matt Hale.

He's about to embark on a year-long, around-the-world trip with his girlfriend, Kathryn Preston, and a $30 Elvis costume.

The couple fly out of Australia in less than a week, but tomorrow morning in Sydney they'll climb aboard a special event train, the Elvis Express, bound for Parkes and its 16th annual Elvis Festival.

"It's probably not the best Elvis suit. In fact, I'm quite sure it's one of the worst,'' Mr Hale says of his outfit.

Crap Elvis can't sing and his stated ambition for Parkes is "a bottom placing at the karaoke''.

Crap Elvis loves the King, whose birthday is today, and wants to pay homage around the globe.

"Any major event where you shouldn't see Elvis, I'm hoping to add Crap Elvis,'' he told AAP today.
When asked if her boyfriend was a good singer, Ms Preston replied: "He's a good karaoke performer. He's always entertaining.''

The couple will be among an expected 7,000 Elvis fans who will almost double Parkes' population during the five-day festival.

Parkes' tourism manager Kelly Hendry said a shortage of accommodation meant a tent city - Graceland on the Green - had again been constructed on a local sports ground.

Ms Hendry said most visitors were from NSW, but the festival also attracted many people from around the world.

One of them, Paul Gilbert, from England, entered a painting in the Elvis art show and wanted to deliver it himself, Ms Hendry said.

His work is called Long Legged Girl in the Short Dress.

Highlights of this year's festival include a Priscilla hair competition, an Elvis street parade and a themed gospel church service.

About 30 couples will renew their marriage vows under the Love Me Tender Archway.

Celebrant Andrew Appleby will, of course, be dressed as Elvis.

"People feel that it's a way they can recommit to each other but also show their commitment to Elvis and their enjoyment of Elvis,'' Ms Hendry said.

Apart from the numerous professional impersonators performing there will be public look-alike, sound-alike and move-alike competitions.

Ms Hendry says the move-alike contest is based purely on "pelvis swivelling'' and dance moves.

"It's quite an art in itself,'' she said. "You've got to be limber.''

The tourism manager says the people of Parkes have come to love the media attention the festival brings - and the money it generates.

"Everyone's very aware that it's great for the town in terms of its economic contribution and also the national and international media interest it generates.''

It's been 31 years since Elvis left the building, and Mr Hale and Ms Preston plan to visit Graceland, his home in Memphis, Tennessee, to pay their respects later this year