source Daily Telegraph: Ever since hanging up his golden microphone in November last year, John Laws has followed the Old Folk’s Guide to Retirement to the letter. Now he’s moved on to Chapter 2: letter writing.
Yesterday the postie paid a visit to former foes Bob Rogers and Derryn Hinch, reports media writer Fiona Connolly.

“Bob. Just a brief note in relation to the incident that occurred while you were dining with Derryn Hinch at Salon Blanc,” he wrote.

“I would like to say that I regret my language. I don’t, however, regret my sentiments as I believe I have perfectly good reason for them but the language was extreme, and for that I apologise. John Laws.”

The letter follows an incident at a Woolloomooloo restaurant when Laws hurled abuse at his radio rivals, including “despicable weasel” and “c**ts”.

Read all about the incident here.

Lawsie, who marked the letter “private and confidential” said “its intentions (were) honourable.”

Rogers dismissed it as “a self-serving Clayton’s apology”, circulating it around his office.

“We have laughed about it around the building today,” he said.

He suspected Laws only wrote it to clear his good name, “if he has a good name”.

“I’m sure he’s writing a book of some kind and he’s trying to keep his name in the headlines until it comes out.”

Hinch had not received his letter yesterday although Laws said he had sent him one.

“For me it’s very last year. He’s last year,” Hinch said.

“If he’s got a lot of time on his hands now, he can just sit around writing psuedo apologies. It’s a bit sad.”