It has been announced that Fox Sports and radio 3AW's Clinton Grybas died of natural causes. He had a faulty heart valve and suffered an allergic reaction to something he either ate or drank the previous night and died sometime between 2am and 4am on Jaunuary 5 2008.

3AW's Derryn Hinch (Audio) revealed it on his program this afternoon stating he found out about this last Friday, with 3AW being informed of the finding a week ago. Clinton's mother has denied the claims aired on 3AW, Mrs Grybas said she was shocked by Hinch's claims this afternoon, which were at odds with conversations she had with a coroner investigating her son's death just a fortnight ago."It is the first I've heard of it," she said.

This website received information over the Easter break suggesting what was revealed today. We decided to wait until the story broke to publish any of the claims. Hinch article here .