Perth's 937 Nova is giving one lucky radio listener the chance of winning a handy $10,000.00. Popular breakfast presenters Nathan and Nat are holding the Last Party Before Rehab 0n Saturday March 29 at the Onyx Bar.

This is going to be a glitzy red carpet event and promises to provide a night of random entertainment, however there is a catch if you want the $10,000.00 from the radio station!

During the night someone will be chosen to spend a gruelling 5 days of rehab which will include a boot camp with daily 5.30am wake up calls, (well after all it is a breakfast radio competition) no alcohol, no nicotine, no drugs, no junk food and no caffeine at all. There will also be a structured daily routine of kickboxing, weights and yoga. So if you also survive a colonic irrigation and the acupuncture you will pocket the 10 grand!

To find out more and to be part of it all visit the 937 website here