Just imagine, are we are about to finally shake off the stereotypical belief that all Aussies run around throwing shrimps on Barbies and wrestle crocodiles in their spare time? Mix 106.5's Todd McKenney and Sonia Kruger set to infiltrate the LA radio airwaves for 3 weeks to promote all things Australian for Tourism Australia and designed to encourage more Americans down-under for holidays.
LA radio station MYfm will re-brand as MY Aussie FM for the duration of the promotion and with Sonia and Todd broadcasting with the MYfm announcers anything can happen.

The station will feature a broad range of Australian voices mixed with a variety of on air Aussie inspired giveaways including a trip down-under. On top of all that Myfm have a reporter currently in Australia who will provide reports and content from a different location in Australia each day. Related sites Mix 106.5 MYfm