The founding director of radio station EON FM, Glenn Wheatley, has been the victim of a hoax that was to see his recently announced home detention become a reality TV show. Phil Tripp, of the IMMEDIA website, said yesterday he had signed Wheatley to a series about his release from Beechworth Prison into home detention and planned to follow Wheatley around his South Yarra mansion over 13 weeks. Neither Glenn Whealtley or his family were in on the hoax and a family spokesman said "Glenn just wants to come home to do his time and the get on with life. This issue fabricated by Phil Tripp is nonsense". The story was run in various newspapers across the country today prior to being exposed as a hoax. You have to ask yourself had Tripp ran with the story just 10 days ago it would have been dismissed as an April Fools day prank.

Glenn Wheatley has served 10 months of a 15-month minimum sentence before being released on home detention which will be on May 19.