CRA Media release :Australia’s leading advertising agencies and radio stations have joined forces to provide advice and guidance for the industry about the introduction and implementation of digital radio, scheduled for early next year.
The Digital Radio Advertising Advisory Group, which met for the first time in Sydney today, includes senior representatives from Starcom, Mitchell’s, Ikon Communications, Razor Media, Smart, Clemenger BBDO, OMD, Zenith Optimedia, Initiative, Carat, Maxus, Total Advertising and Communications, HMA Blaze, as well as representatives from key industry bodies such as the MFA and AANA along with senior executives of Australia’s major radio networks.

Discussions at the inaugural meeting focused on a market update including the retailer strategy and a receiver manufacturers update, the brand and communication strategy for the digital radio launch; benefits for advertisers and feedback from the advertising agencies.

Chairman of Commercial Radio Australia, Michael Anderson, said the Digital Radio Advertising Advisory Group will help ensure that advertising agencies know exactly what to expect from digital radio, and allow important communication between the radio industry and advertising sectors.

"This is a significant interface between the commercial radio industry and those at the forefront of advertising in this country,” Mr Anderson said. “It's about making the very most of this exciting medium, delivering maximum benefits to broadcasters, listeners and advertisers alike."

Carol Morris, Executive Director, from Media Federation of Australia (MFA), welcomed the establishment of the Digital Radio Advertising Advisory Group. “With one of the most significant milestones in the history of Australian broadcasting just around the corner, it is essential the advertising and radio sectors are working hand in hand to ensure a successful implementation. We applaud the CRA for establishing this collaboration within the industry at such a crucial time.”

The Digital Radio Advertising Advisory Group will meet regularly. Specific responsibilities of the group will include providing advice from the advertising sector on the implementation of digital radio, and providing feedback and liaison about the use of digital radio in advertising.
Chief Executive Officer of Commercial Radio Australia, Joan Warner, said digital radio would place Australia at the forefront of world broadcasting.
“Digital radio represents a breakthrough ‘multi-media experience’ – including extra channels, animation, text, images, slideshows, and additional advertising information on demand and crystal-clear sound. It will be beneficial for advertisers and this group will help ensure its possibilities in this area are maximised,” Ms Warner said.
She said the meeting followed a successful briefing with manufacturers, some leading retailers and broadcasters last night about a holistic approach to ensuring the launch of digital radio next year is successful. “It is imperative we work very closely with retailers and manufacturers of digital receivers to make sure the launch of digital radio next year delivers as promised to people in capital cities – a great experience that will forever improve the way we listen to radio. This is the first of several similar briefings to be held over the next few months,” Ms Warner said
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