Being stuck in traffic one day was the spark of a new venture for radio journalist Joel Helmes.
Becoming increasingly bored with the usual drive-time entertainment while the cars crawled forward, Helmes hit on the idea of a radio segment devoted to matters motoring.

Thus was born Behind The Wheel – a brief segment focusing on a broad range of issues related to cars, from sales and safety to entertaining looks at lemons of the past.

“After all, you’ve got people in their cars, so why not be chatting to them about cars,” Helmes says.

“It seems these days everybody is more interested in the subject.”

Helmes, who has worked for commercial radio stations — including 2UE, 4BC, 4KQ and Radio 2 – says he had long been noticing the growing number of motoring issues people were becoming concerned with.

“For example, there are few issues which hit home more to the average Australian than things like the price of petrol but what I found was the stories weren’t really being accurately covered and those with agendas weren’t really being questioned,” he says.

Helmes says that the program is being aired on a growing list of stations in four states and two territories.

“We also have regular contributors including professional road safety trainer Russell White and NRMA’s technical expert Jack Haley,” he says.

Behind The Wheel can be heard on 2GZ Orange, 2WG Wagga, 2CS Coffs Harbour, 2LF Young, 2LT Lithgow, The River 105.7 FM Albury, One way FM Canberra, 4KZ Innisfail and across North Queensland, Kool FM 98.3 Innisfail, Kik FM 88.7 Atherton and Mareeba, Easy mix 1026AM Mackay, Crow FM 90.7 Kingaroy, Easy Mix 1467AM Mildura, 3BO Bendigo, Flow FM 106.3 FM Yarra Valley, Flow FM 89.3 FM Marysville, 5SE Mt.Gambier, Coast FM 88.7 Adelaide, Flow FM 100.5 Tennant Creek and the Flow FM network throughout South Australia.

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